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Leftright Corporate

The Project

Disrupting professional services through transparent and modern design

Back in 2018, Leftright Corporate was transitioning from a previous brand, VYBE Co Creative. We were tasked with building a complete new brand from the ground up, to branch away from its predecessor. A thorough examination and understanding of both of the company’s brand direction and communication objective was critical in establishing a separate and unique identity.

In our initial competitor and market analysis, it is not uncommon for service providers in Leftright Corporate’s line of work to appear unprofessional. Most still kept their traditional and dated concepts in their design. Our objective was to create a fresh and inviting design – focused on modern colors and layouts, whilst ensuring ease of navigation and to-the-point information dissemination.

The amalgamation of modern design and transparent messaging helps to guide visitors to convert; directly from their website. Using custom curated landing pages and assistance from personal analytics tracking helps us achieve the objective of increasing time-on-page, and conversion rates.

Our Focus

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Checkout and Payment Gateway Implementation
  • SEO Optimization
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Content Strategy


When it comes to the selection of typography and fonts in web design, there is a need to be as clear as it is beautiful. Otherwise your visitors will not respond to it. Having breathtaking designs with illegible typography will confuse your visitors, which result in exaggerated bounce rates.

The fonts we implement, represents the distinct identity of Leftright Corporate’s brand.

These have been chosen specifically because of the personality that the bring to the written word. Do not use fonts that are not defined here – to do so would be damaging to the overall perception of the brand we’d want to convey.

Leftright Corporate Color Scheme

Color Scheme

Color plays in incredibly important role in your brand identity system. Every color and shade has been chosen for a specific purpose and plays a vital role as we build your brand in your communications.

Leftrightcorp iPhone Mockup
Leftrightcorp Macbook Mockup

The Superduper Solution

The team focused on creating a brand and design concept that focuses on the client’s requirement to convey transparency, and modern communication. Being in the professional sector, colors and typography were thoughtfully curated to match the brand’s tone.

We have designed this specifically to connect with their customers and partners who will share in their collective vision and the impact it will have.

The comprehensive design showcases navigation simplicity, with integrated checkout systems. Doing so allows visitors to convert immediately through custom landing pages and personalised marketing analytics. Leftright Corporate’s 3 core values were the foundational pillars that when fulfilled will help us ensure we are on track to achieve their design outcome.


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