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Website Design & Development

In the 2020s, winning customers happens online. We answer to the needs of local small and medium businesses that wish to build their online presence by delivering best-in-market websites, tailored to rank well on search engines, that encourages human interactivity.

Website Design Superduper Co

Technologies We Use

Top of the line web design and development solutions to help you build beautiful websites that converts.

Niche, Custom Websites

A website can be a million different things today, and we know what makes a quality website. We can help you architect, design and build a platform that serves your audiences and your business effectively. By ensuring an excellent user experience, implementing a modern design and creating content that converts, we can assist in producing a website that is optimised for both SEO and PPC.  

Our purpose is to create impactful marketing websites, with web designs optimized to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion for businesses across various industries. With a design-driven, strategy-led approach, our creative team hones in on your brand vision in order to guide the overall look and feel of your website.

Components of a top-tier website

User Experience
Responsive & Modern Design
SEO Optimized
Conversion Tracking Setup
Loads Fast
Daily Backup

Bringing it All Together

Complete Suite of Solutions to Bring Traffic & Conversions

Wordpress Website Design and Development


WordPress Content Management System - a platform to allow you to edit the contents of your website at any time. It keeps your content fresh, and saves you cost because you don't need to pay us for every small changes you need to be done in future.​

Responsive Website Design Superduper Co

Responsive Design​

We make websites that adjust its style when viewed from different devices. An increasing amount of screentime spent from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We adopt a mobile first design approach, and then scale accordingly.​

SEO optimized website Superduper Co

SEO Optimized​

The correct information hierarchy allows crawlers to easily navigate and index your website. We include the appropriate schemas to allow feature snippets showcase on Google's results page.

Website Hosting Superduper Co

Domain & Hosting​

We'll handle the technical details of making your site live. We can offer guidance if you would like to host the website yourself. We work with partners to offer reliable and fast hosting at an affordable price.​

Ecommerce Webstore Superduper Co

E-Commerce Ready​

Take your online business to the next level. We fully integrate order processing, receiving payments and managing inventory with your site, creating the ideal shopping experience. Order Processing & Shopping Carts, Easy to Manage Payment Systems, Customizable Inventory Management.

Conversion Tracking Superduper Co

Conversion Tracking​

Using Google Tag Manager (GTM) we help you to set up conversion tracking across various platforms. Have data synced and transferred to Facebook, Google Analytics, and Google Ads with each conversion on your website.​

Creative Process Image

Our Creative Work Process

Great things happen when great minds sit together at the table. That’s what we do before we start with any of our client projects. Our team sits together to initiate our creative process which is customized to each client and their requirements.

Project Strategy & Understanding

After we receive your brief, we analyze and study the industry you work in and then involve our design and development team to do their magic. This is the first step before where we develop a comprehensive strategy for your business. After a brainstorming session, we develop a scope document that paves the way for your entire project execution.


Prototyping and wireframing stage give us a clear idea of how we want your website to look. At this stage, we assign the best designers and UX experts to create a user journey that explains how your user will navigate through the website. We walk into your customer shoe and map the journey as we do it. This stage helps us removing flaws (if any).

Web Design & Creativity

We work with our clients to create websites that strike the right balance between creative design, brand recognition and functionality – producing an end result that achieves long-term success.


Based on the agreed content structure and brand guidelines, we’ll produce bespoke mockups of your website landing pages – giving clients the final say on approval and edits prior to development.

Custom and Bespoke

No two businesses are exactly the same, and their websites shouldn’t be either. We want to design the most effective website for you and your business. That’s why all of our website designs are bespoke, with creative attention tailored to the needs of each brand.

Website Design and Creativity Superduper Co
Website Development Superduper Co

Web Development

We will look beyond the aesthetics. We know what a website needs to succeed in the long-term – and it starts with clean, fast and secure code.

WordPress & WooCommerce

Our web development services are predominantly focussed on WordPress and WooCommerce. With strong expertise in these powerful and reliable content management systems, we can ensure your website performs consistently well, helping to drive sustained growth way into the future.

SEO & PPC Optimisation

We will ensure your website experiences faster growth in order to achieve more immediate results. By building in SEO optimisations before the initial website launch, we will make sure your website is set up to succeed.

Everything you need in a website.

Simple Pricing

All inclusive, complete full-fledged solutions. We don't just design a website, but build an entire platform ready to use, and integrate with other digital solutions.

Pay only on the number of pages your website needs.

Website Deign & Development includes:


For New Businesses
$ 950 One Time Fee
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Mobile First Deisgn
  • Responsive Web Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Facebook Pixel Installation
  • WordPress CMS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Conversion & Goal Tracking
  • Website Caching
  • Content Editable
  • Daily Website Backup


For Businesses Ready to Scale
$ 1400 One Time Fee
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Mobile First Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Facebook Pixel Installation
  • WordPress CMS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Conversion & Goal Tracking
  • Website Caching
  • Content Editable
  • Daily Website Backup


For Large Businesses
Custom Contact us to enquire
  • Custom Number of Pages
  • Mobile First Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Facebook Pixel Installation
  • WordPress CMS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Conversion & Goal Tracking
  • Website Caching
  • Content Editable
  • Daily Website Backup


Why is your pricing so low compared to the others?

Our Standard and Plus packages are for small to medium sized businesses. These are the businesses we have had the experience working with for years. This experience allows us to understand the full process of website design and development, in a highly efficient manner.

In addition, we think the “market” rate for website services are over priced. They charge a high amount, and have extra addon fees when you need specific features. We like to keep things simple. The fundamentals of any modern website, are all included in our packages from the get go. Pixel installation, tracking, tag manager, sitemaps, caching, we have it all – no extra fees.

We also think we’re not priced low. Low and cheap pricing is often thought of as lousy quality, and unreliable. Rather, we like to think of it as we priced at a value. You get what you need, at a transparent and affordable price.

Why do you use WordPress?

In 2020 alone, 0ver 455 million websites use WordPress. That means that the WordPress market share is 35% of all websites in the world! WordPress is a very versatile platform, so it is an ideal choice for both large and small businesses, as well as individuals. Large corporations, well-known blogs, small businesses, and individuals flock to WordPress to create fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing websites. Some examples of corporations that uses WordPress are:

  1. The Walt Disney Company
  2. BBC America
  3. Sony Music
  4. The Obama Foundation
  5. The US WhiteHouse

Our customers love WordPress also because it is a CMS, and that allows them to make updates and changes to their website content without our assistance.

Will I be able to update content on the website myself?

Yes, and that is the reason why we use a CMS like WordPress. Giving you the ability to update your website content saves you cost as we wouldn’t need to charge you a fee package for making simple changes on your website.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is an approach to web design that allows the pages of a website to render, or “respond,” to different device, window, or screen sizes. An effective website translates seamlessly across all devices and browsers, ensuring that the pages maintain optimum functionality and visual layout. Depending on the client and needs, some websites may require a mobile-first design approach to accommodate for customers on-the-go.

With the digital landscape evolving, it is essential for our web design agency to build a fully-responsive website that translates effectively across all devices and browsers. Users expect intuitive, sophisticated web experiences, both on their computers as well as mobile devices. Our graphic design team creates engaging visuals and scales them across desktop, tablet, and mobile to ensure that your brand’s website is impactful at all touchpoints.

How long do you need to build my website?

For our Standard and Plus plans, we are looking at a duration between 1 – 2 weeks, with the initial draft done in the first couple of days.

However, the pace of the project ultimately is set by each client. For example, how much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability for feedback and how soon your content is ready; are examples of factors that affect the speed of completion.

Although we don’t charge for extra functionality, complex sites may also take more time to develop. In most cases though, we would recommend keeping functionality just enough to have a pleasant user experience – as we do not want to bloat and slow down the website.

Do you only accept clients in Singapore?

No. Although our main office is located in Singapore, we work with clients all over the world.

Do you install Google Analytics etc..?

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Hubspot, index submission to Google Search Console – all the requirements of any modern website. We do them all. No additional fees or addons. In 2021, these are now the fundamentals of any website. We don’t charge you extra for what a website needs. Even if you don’t need them now, any serious business will need them eventually.

If you need something else installed, let us know. We’ll add them to your site for free too. Hotjar is an example some of our clients have requested.

Insights & Resources

We regularly share trends, insights, best practices and customer case studies with leading industry media resources and custom curated content.