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Fight Rhythm

The Project

The new era of E-Commerce

When it comes to shopping, e-commerce is the new normal. Business models are shifting and more businesses than ever before are focussing on creating an appealing digital presence to sell their products.

This is a typical e-commerce store page – with a particular niche. Fight Rhythm’s requirements were very specific and detailed, despite their first time launching an e-commerce store. Since they have done well in their own digital marketing efforts, their web store’s focus was simply to engage and encourage visitors to convert and make the purchase.

Fundamental to any modern e-commerce stores looking to scale, and leverage on digital marketing tools; they had emphasis in integrating their analytics such as Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager.

Our Focus

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Systems and Automations Integration
  • E-Commerce Development
  • E-Commerce Cart Abandonment Recovery
  • Product Re-Targeting and Remarketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Facebook Pixel & Remarketing Tags Analytics


When it comes to the selection of typography and fonts in web design, there is a need to be as clear as it is beautiful. Otherwise your visitors will not respond to it. Having breathtaking designs with illegible typography will confuse your visitors, which result in exaggerated bounce rates.

The fonts we implement, represents the distinct identity of Fight Rhythm’s brand.

These have been chosen specifically because of the personality that the bring to the written word. Do not use fonts that are not defined here – to do so would be damaging to the overall perception of the brand we’d want to convey.

Color Scheme

Color plays in incredibly important role in your brand identity system. Every color and shade has been chosen for a specific purpose and plays a vital role as we build your brand in your communications.


The Superduper Solution

Our approach to developing and building this web store focuses on a 5 page fundamental layout. We apply variations to product-specific pages, and combine the structure to include upsells, and cross sells on each single product. Doing so, would help increase the overall value of the visitor’s cart.

A fully automated system was developed to connect information across various channels such as Fight Rhythm’s CRM, Audiences and Marketing Platforms. A robust email delivery system using SendGrid aids in ensuring transactional emails are not lost, or bounced.

Cart Abandonment recovery system reminds their visitors about their products left in the cart, but not yet purchased. When required, the funnel would periodically and selectively send cart discounts, or promotional content to eligible customers in order to encourage conversion.

Our customized and comprehensive Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration allows Fight Rhythm to specifically target a visitor’s specific action, such as clicking on a particular product, or button. This data synchronizes across channels such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Pixels. A curated remarketing campaign can then be created to target this subset of visitors.

Overall, an e-commerce website is not just about setting up the aesthetics or UI/UX of the web store. Rather, it encompasses an intricate network of digital solutions across various third party platform. These integrations capture valuable data that can then be used and manipulated to work towards Fight Rhythm’s objective.


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